Restaurant Reviews

Washington, DC 

By neighborhood
  • Brookland NE
    • Brookland Cafe -- offers an array of mock meat sandwiches and entrees
  • Capitol Hill 
    • Acqua Al 2 #1, #2-- Italian with vegan options
    • Cava Mezze -- Mediterranean restaurant with vegan options
    • The Sweet Lobby -- bakery with vegan options
    • TASH  -- Iranian, American, Middle Eastern with a few vegan options
  • Chinatown
    • Daikaya Izakaya -- Japanese small plates with great drinks 
    • Daikaya Ramen -- ramen noodle house with one vegan bowl
    • District of Pi #1, #2, #3 -- vegan deep dish and regular thin crust with Match Meat; must order deep dish 6 hours ahead of time 
    • Graffiato -- Italian restaurant with just a few vegan options 
    • HipCityVedge -- 100% vegan fast-casual with burgers, salads, and shakes
    • Honeygrow -- fast casual with vegan stir fry and salad options
    • Ping Pong Dim Sum -- dim sum with many vegan options
  • Cleveland Park
    •  Indique  -- Indian with vegan options; try the vegetable jahlfrezi
  • Downtown
    • Bombay Club, The #1, #2 -- upscale Indian with vegan options
    • Buredo -- burrito-sized sushi rolls; vegan options
    • Cafe Asia -- Asian Cafe with few vegan options; not recommended 
    • Chix DC -- casual lunch joint -- some vegan options; not recommended 
    • Cosi -- chain restaurant with a few vegan options; lunch 
    • Cure Bar & Bistro -- in a hotel with vegan options
    • Elizabeth's Gone Raw #1, #2, #3 #4, #5-- amazing upscale raw vegan food available only on Friday nights
    • Equinox #1, #2, #3, #4, #5-- upscale restaurant with vegan options by request; very good
    • Fruitive -- vegan cafe with raw and cooked food in the CityCenter
    • Juice Joint Cafe -- cafe with vegan options and fresh juices; carry out 
    • Momofuku -- Asian with vegan options
    • Nage #1, #2 -- offers Meatless Mondays with vegan options
    • Roti -- Mediterranean fast food with lots of vegan options
    • SKWR -- Mediterranean fast food with vegan options
    • Zentan -- modern Asian with vegan options including unique sushi rolls
    • Dupont Circle
      • Bread & Brew -- cafe and bar with vegan options
      • Julia's Empanadas -- always has a vegan empanada; cheap; several locations; open late 
      • Kramerbooks -- book store with a vegan option 
      • Mandu -- Korean with some vegan options
      • Shophouse -- Chipotle-owned quick Asian kitchen; fresh, fast food 
      • Soupergirl -- all vegan soup and salad take-out shop 
      • Teasim -- Asian cafe with lots of vegan options including a seitan stir-fry
      • The Little Beet -- delicious fast casual with tons of vegan options
        • Navy Yard
          • Bluejacket -- beer bar with vegan options
          • Rasa -- Indian fast casual with tons of vegan options
          • TaKorean -- cafe serving tofu tacos and bowls 
        • Noma-Gallaudet NE 
          • TaKorean -- stand in Union Market serving tofu tacos 
          • Penn Quarter 
            • Cedar --  offers a seasonal vegan tasting menu
            • Jaleo -- Spanish tapas with vegan options (a Jose Andres restaurant)
            • Merzi -- Indian fast casual with lots of vegan options
            • Oyamel #1, #2, #3, #4 -- Mexican tapas with vegan options; ask for the vegan Taco de hongo; great cocktails (a Jose Andres restaurant)
            • Proof -- upscale restaurant with one vegan entree; great wine selection 
            • Protein Bar -- wraps and salads with vegan options
            • Rasika #1, #2, #3-- upscale Indian with vegan options; rated one of the best restaurants in DC
            • Rosa Mexicano -- overpriced Mexican with a few vegan options; not recommended
            • Teaism -- Asian cafe with lots of vegan options including a seitan stir-fry
            • Zaytinya #1, #2 -- Turkish and Lebanese tapas with lots of vegan options; one of my fave restaurants in DC (a Jose Andres restaurant)
            • zpizza -- great vegan pizza with Daiya and veggie burger crumbles from a nationwide pizza chain 
          • Shaw/Convention Center
            • Rogue 24 #1, #2, #3-- 24-course vegan meal (by request) that will blow your mind; very expensive; reservations req'd
            • Rogue 24 SpiritsBar -- bar offering handcrafted cocktails and vegan plates 
            • Shouk -- 100% vegan cafe; Middle Eastern; highly recommended
            • Table -- small, intimate dining with vegan options; expensive
            • Thai X-ing -- Thai vegan options on two days of the week; prix fixe
            • Woodlands Vegan Bistro -- vegan deli-style cafe
                • Takoma Park
                  • Evolve #1, #2 -- small all-vegan restaurant with bar
                  • Vegaritos -- small all-vegan burrito and bowl take-out


                • Other
                  • Woodlands -- 100% vegetarian Indian in Chandler
                • Phoenix
                  • Blue Burrito Grille -- vegan options; convenient in airport
                  • Green -- 100% vegan American restaurant with alcohol and ice cream

                • East Bay (not including SF)
                • Fountain Valley
                  • Au Lac -- 100% vegan; raw and cooked options 
                • Lodi
                • Paso Robles
                  • Basil Thai -- downtown Thai restaurant with vegan options
                  • Farmstand 46 -- cafe with a vegan sandwich and wine tasting in the wine country
                • Perris
                  • Aiyara Thai -- Thai with a few vegan options in Temecula
                  • Hana Sushi -- Sushi restaurant with vegan nigori and maki rolls; lots of options 
                  • Mantra Indian Cuisine #1, #2-- Indian restaurant with vegan options in Temecula
                  • Rice & Spice -- Thai restaurant with vegan options in Moreno Valley
                  • Tarasco -- Mexican restaurant willing to make vegan meals 
                  • Yountville (Napa)

                  • Boulder
                    • Black Cat -- upscale restaurant with 6-course vegan meal available upon request; excellent cuisine
                    • Leaf #1, #2 -- vegetarian restaurant; try the Jamaican jerk tempeh
                  • Denver

                  • Fort Lauderdale
                    • Darbster -- 100% vegan non-profit restaurant with raw options
                    • Sublime -- 100% vegan non-profit restaurant





                      • Chicago
                        • Alinea -- 3-star Michelin restaurant, molecular gastronomy, 14-course vegan meal, very expensive, my most amazing experience yet
                        • Amitabul -- 100% vegan Korean cafe 
                        • Argo Tea -- vegan salads and muffins in O'Hare airport
                        • Chicago Diner -- vegetarian comfort food in a cafe; try the Titanic BLT for a food coma
                        • Everest -- French with vegan tasting menu upon request; very good and expensive
                        • Fairmont Hotel -- lots of vegan options
                        • Green Zebra -- upscale vegetarian restaurant
                        • Handlebar -- bar with vegan options
                        • Karyn's Cooked -- almost vegan cafe - serves honey
                        • Karyn's Raw -- almost vegan raw restaurant - serves honey 
                        • Native Foods -- top vegan cafe in the US (IMHO)
                        • Upton's Breakroom -- vegan cafe; highly recommended
                        • Urban Vegan -- casual all-vegan Thai restaurant


                        • Boston
                          • Cocobeet -- all-vegan juices and take-out joint
                        • Cambridge
                          • Life Alive -- super fresh and healthy bowls, salads, and fresh juices 
                        New Jersey

                        • Newark
                          • Thyme -- vegetarian restaurant in Newark airport
                        New York

                        • New York City
                          • 00+Co -- 100% vegan fancy pizza with housemade nut cheeses
                          • By Chloe -- 100% vegan cafe with burgers, sandwiches, and salads
                          • Blossom Du Jour -- 100% vegan; fast food in Chelsea
                          • Candle 79 #1, #2-- one of the top upscale vegan restaurants in the world; menu changes seasonably 
                          • Candle Cafe -- 100% vegan cafe with locations on upper west and upper east side
                          • Dirt Candy -- upscale vegetarian; very few seats; reservations req'd
                          • Dumpling Man -- offers vegan soup dumplings; cheap and good
                          • Gobo -- 100% vegan; Asian in West Village and other locations
                          • Kajitsu -- 100% vegan; one Michelin star
                        • Other cities
                          • True Food -- vegetarian, fresh, healthy food in Nyack

                        • Willamette Valley
                          • The Joel Palmer House -- specializes in foraged mushrooms and truffles; multi-course vegan meal available upon request
                          • Ruby Cakes -- gluten-free and vegan bakery featuring donuts and whoopie pies

                        • Philadelphia 
                          • Blackbird Pizzeria -- 100% vegan pizzeria; seitan and Daiya cheese on pizza and subs
                          • HipCityVeg -- 100% vegan fast food that will blow you away  
                          • Vedge -- 100% vegan upscale; one of the best vegan restaurants in the country

                          • Austin
                            • Arlos -- 100% vegan food truck with lots of sandwiches and guacamole
                            • Bouldin Creek Cafe -- vegetarian diner with extensive menu including vegan eggs benedict
                            • Capital City Bakery -- delicious 100% vegan bakery in a food truck next to Conscious Cravings 
                            • Casa De Luz -- yoga and community center with cafe serving fresh 100% vegan, vegetable-based cuisine
                            • Conscious Cravings -- vegetarian food truck; incredibly fresh, great food
                            • Counter Culture -- 100% vegan salads, sandwiches, and entrees
                            • Me So Hungry -- food truck next to Arlo's with vegan cucumber sashimi
                            • Mother's Cafe -- vegetarian vegetable-based dishes; try the Bueno Burger
                            • Sweet Ritual -- 100% vegan sundaes with caramel, marshmallows, and so much more.
                            • Whole Foods -- has a 100% vegan foods counter with raw and cooked delights.


                            West Virginia

                            • Netherlands, The
                              • Dophert -- all vegan all the time in Amsterdam
                              • Golden Temple -- Indian restaurant with vegan options in Amsterdam
                              • Juice Brothers -- cafe with vegan food and sweets in Amsterdam
                              • Maoz -- vegetarian falafel in Amsterdam
                            • Switzerland
                              • Airtime Cafe #1, #2 -- cafe with vegan options in Lauterbrunnen
                              • Flavours -- cafe with vegan options in Lauterbrunnen 
                              • Haus Hiltl -- world's oldest vegetarian buffet in Zurich
                              • Horner Pub #1, #2-- pub with vegan options in Lauterbrunnen
                              • Tibits -- vegetarian buffet in Zurich
                              • Weidstubl -- restaurant without many vegan options


                                    1. They are opening a "fast food" vegan restaurant here in Las Vegas on Flamingo and Decatur. I will let you know how it is when they open.

                                    2. Awesome! Let me know once they open!

                                    3. You're almost making me miss the DC area. I used to live in Baltimore, and worked in Bethesda for a while. There certainly are a lot of places to eat! But we moved to Greenville, SC a couple years back, and I went vegan a year ago. I do miss the dining choices...

                                      But if you're ever down this way, you should check out Swad, an Indian place here in town. It's a hole-in-the-wall without much atmosphere, but everything they serve is at least vegetarian, with lots of vegan choices on the menu - and they'll make anything vegan by request. Cheap, too! I love it.

                                      Also, not too far away in Asheville, NC, is a place called Plant. Simply amazing. 100% vegan. Four stars. As nice as your better DC area restaurants in every respect, including the beer and wine selections. I actually felt like I was in back in Bethesda, what with the hipsters running the place, the cool decor, the open air kitchen visible from the dining room and the amazing dishes. Highly recommended!

                                      Keep up the blog. It's great!

                                    4. Thank you so much for the recommendations. SC and NC aren't too far away and I keep toying with the idea of visiting. I've heard GREAT things about Asheville as well! Thanks!!

                                    5. The next time you are on Orlando, FL try Dandelion Communitea It is awesume!

                                    6. Will do! I don't get to Orlando much, but I'll put this on my list in case I end up there again!

                                    7. Hi Angela - Here's another Vegan restaurant in Chicago called "Urban Vegan."


                                      God Bless,


                                    8. Thanks! Urban Vegan has been on my list to visit since last year! I will make it there!

                                    9. In San Francisco be sure to check out Cha Ya, Herbivore, and Gracias Madre. These are three all vegan extraordinary restaurants, with locations also in Berkeley.

                                    10. I've been to Herbivore and Gracias Madre and have heard great things about Cha Ya. Thanks!

                                    11. Charlotte, NC has two excellent vegan restaurants. The first is Luna's living kitchen and is raw vegan. The 2nd is Fern which is veggie/vegan.

                                    12. Thank you! I will check them out next time I'm in Charlotte!

                                    13. Vegan coffeeshop in Phila.

                                      Vedge in Phila.

                                      Khyber Pass - vegan po boy, bbq sandwich, onion rings

                                      Cantina - vegan seitan and tofu fajitas and great classic margaritas

                                    14. Thanks for the tips on Philly! I have been to Vedge as indicated above, but will try to check out the others on my next visit!

                                    15. I haven't visited nearly as many vegan restaurants as you have...but I must concur with your review of Native Foods.

                                      You visited the Chicago location (there's 3 in Chicago), but there are several locations to choose from:

                                      Los Angeles

                                      Aliso Viejo (Orange County)

                                      Costa Mesa (Orange County)...Flagship Native Food Restaurant (I remember fondly, the old days when Chef Tanya would personally greet the customers and offer cool samples of freshly made new creations)

                                      Tustin (Orange County)

                                      Newport Beach (Orange County)

                                      Palm Springs

                                      Encinitas (San Diego County)

                                      Santa Monica (L.A.)

                                      Culver City (L.A.)

                                      Portland, OR

                                      Boulder, CO

                                      IOHO (In our humble opinions) Native Food rocks!

                                    16. Thanks, Mechell. I've been to several in CA as well!

                                    17. We want to thank you for your honest and detailed review of Sublime in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, we were far from surprised to notice a thick ring of oil around the food on your plate in those pics. We've been living in Southern Florida for 2 years and find better or similar food at any of the mom n' pops versus the supposed "gourmet" restaurants we've tried here, which seem to think pounds of low quality oils and a flashy presentation are a believable way to dress up overpriced flavorless meals. MSG rules the roost around here too, but there are some great farmer's markets and dear friends who could cook restaurants like Sublime right out of business if they wanted to. But judging by your reactions in your review, most any restaurant you find here that has an online presence will probably be a disappointment. Just hope our long string of failed dining adventures might save you from more frustration during future visits to the sunshine state.

                                    18. Great resource for vegan travelers! Definitely bookmarked this one for future reference!

                                    19. Thanks so much for putting all this together! It's good to see so many new vegan restaurants in the Baltimore, MD area as well.