Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Anatolikos Taverna, Zakynthos, Greece

We jumped on our scooters in search of another great restaurant on Zakynthos Island and we found it at Anatolikos Taverna. At this beachside restaurant where most, if not all, of the seating is outside, the weather is amazing and the view is equally so.

I started with a nice glass of white wine--super cheap on this island.

For lunch, I ordered the stuffed tomatoes and peppers. As simple as it sounds, it was oh-so-good. Stuffed with rice and spices, this was a very filling meal. And like everything else on this island, it was served with baked/fried potatoes. Delish!

The Gigandes bean dish is fantastic as well! I just took a few from my friend's dish, which was a huge bowl of tomatoey beans!

Service was a bit slow, but we were a party of 20 or so without a reservation so there's that. But, loved the food, drink, and company!

Anatolikos Taverna
Alykes Main Road
Alykes 290 90, Zakynthos, Greece
+30 2695 083158

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