Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dodah's Kitchen

With so much good vegan food in DC, how is one to keep up with it all? Well, that's where I come into the picture. I am constantly seeking the next big thing in vegan food so that I can share it with all of you. And I'm very excited to share with you my latest find--Dodah's Kitchen.

Dodah's Kitchen was born just a few months ago in DC by three friends. Dodah had been a vegan cook for her African, Hebrew vegan community in Israel for over 30 years before moving to the states. The cakes made by Dodah's Kitchen are based on a vegan cake recipe from her community that has been expanded and modified. The mac & cheese is her original recipe.

It was the Mac & Cheese that caught my eye. As a lover of all things mac & cheese, when I see a new vegan mac & cheese, I have to try it. The label states that it is plant-based, locally baked, and non-GMO--love it! Oh, and most importantly, the taste--out of this world! Made with just whole wheat macaroni, soy milk, nutritional yeast, Himalayan salt, garlic, and spices, it is reminiscent of the Soul Vegetarian mac & cheese everyone loves so, but a little better. Upon first bite, you'll taste the creamy goodness of cheese wrapped around the macaroni. It is a little oily, but that doesn't take away from the impeccable flavor.

They also make cakes--lots of them! Their Lemon Cake is super fluffy and topped with just the right amount of icing to complement and not take over the cake itself.

I could say the same about the Sweet Potato Cake--super fluffy, but this one could actually use a little more icing. And there's so much cinnamon goodness inside. The ingredients are all natural and include wheat flour, cane sugar, sweet potatoes, water, sunflower oil, hemp milk, baking powder, Himalayan salt, natural flavors, and spices.

Dodah's Kitchen does not have a storefront at the moment. They are selling most of their products for $4.99 each at Yes! Organic Market on 14th Street in DC and they offer catering as well. Their sweet potato pie is slightly more expensive. I'm so excited to have a new vegan player in town and encourage you to try their products! But, be careful, that mac & cheese is totally addictive!

Full Disclosure: Although the products were provided to me at no cost to review, that in no way influenced my veracious opinion.


  1. the list of ingredients to the mac 'n cheese doesn't include oil which it should if there is oil.

    1. Oil isn't listed, but somehow the mac n cheese is oily.

    2. Where do you purchase dodahs mac and cheese?

  2. The Mac n cheese was awesome!