Thursday, January 11, 2018

Vegan Meals on United Airlines

It's the beginning of 2018, which makes me reflect on 2017 and all the adventures I've taken. There have been a lot! From BASE jumping off cliffs in Moab, Utah to wingsuit BASE in Italy and Switzerland, and back to subterminal BASE off low cliffs in Zakynthos, Greece, I've traveled the world and back. And it's been mostly on United Airlines.

I am pleased to report that United Airlines is very vegan friendly. I've had some pretty good meals this year on United. When choosing meals on United, the code you want to see is VGML -- that will get you a vegan meal in any class cabin you take. Here are some of the highlights of my vegan meals over the past few months.

On my trip to Greece, I had roasted veggies with rice and steamed carrots and broccoli, which was great. There was a tomato and cucumber salad that is so much better than the iceberg lettuce that I've received so many other times. And fresh fruit with pineapple and oranges, etc.

On my trip home from Greece, I had an Indian dinner with spiced cauliflower, chickpeas, and white rice, a roll with vegan Smart Balance margarine, salad with lemon, and Lucy's chocolate chip cookies. It was pretty tasty!

From Amsterdam to home, there was a sandwich with grilled zucchini that was given as an in-between meal that was also pretty good.

For my meal on the Amsterdam flight, I had a delicious Indian meal with creamy black lentils, rice, and spinach, and black-eyed peas. There was a salad with herb vinaigrette, and German bread with margarine. It was one of the best meals I had this year on an airline.

United--you've done a good job with your airline meals. I look forward to flying the friendly skies with you all this year, VGML-style.


  1. Wow Angela, you got lucky there!
    My girlfriend had to fly with United (Lufthansa Codesharing) and she got two tablespoons of rice..

    That was her only meal on a 12h flight from Germany to San Francisco.
    Her other two "meals" were just snacks, which were not even Vegan. One KitKat, three cracker, one tiny pretzel and a piece of cheese.
    The last "meal" was a sandwich with margarine and one tomato inside.

    1. Oh my. I'm sorry to hear that.

    2. Angela: what class was all of this in?

      John in SF

  2. Julz:

    What class was she flying?

    John in SF

  3. I have just flown with United and sorry to say I did not enjoy these meals at all. When I asked for another meal, I was brought pancakes and told to just pick out the sausage! Also I think you will find they are vegetarian not vegan. As described by United they include eggs and dairy.

  4. These meals are good, but not the best--I agree! Pancakes would not be vegan for sure. Be sure you get the VGML meals--that's the international code for vegan meals.

  5. I went vegan 7 years ago and had the same meal... and dozens of times since then. United serves the exact same indian vegan meal for last 7 years. I fly 100k+ a year

  6. For true gourmet vegan meal - and inflight service a million times better than United airlines - consider Turkish Airlines. They are ranked the world and United ranks near the bottom at 69th. For Asia, you can't beat EVA, also a top 10 airlines. I fly first class and or business class regularly on those and on United domestically - or when i must - and the vegan food is a real dog as compared to these REAL airlines.