Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cosi, DC

In search of a quick and easy lunch, it's impossible to ignore the amount of Cosi's there are in DC. Cosi is a chain cafe that offers quick, fresh meals.  Although not much on their menu looks vegan and they don't label anything as such, it appeared that their Thai Curry dish might actually be vegan. So, I tweeted them and at first they stated it was, then corrected and said it wasn't. I didn't see that there was any milk in it as indicated by their allergen list so I asked why it wasn't vegan. They then stated that it actually is when you get it with tofu, but since it is served with their bread, which isn't vegan, they state the meal isn't vegan.  Well, that's not helpful. Just state that it is vegan without the bread.

In any case, I ordered the meal. They put a lot of rice in the bowl and topped it with grilled tofu, cauliflower and curry sauce and topped it with cilantro.  The dish was pretty good although there wasn't nearly enough curry sauce for the amount of food in the bowl. I ordered it a second time and got the same thing. I wish they loaded it with more cauliflower and sauce to make it a more balanced meal. Brown rice would be a nice touch too. The second time around, they told me I could get chips instead of bread as it comes with it -- that works!

So, although it could have been better, but I liked the flavors a lot and will order it again. I just wish Cosi would get their act together and start labeling items as vegan or not on their website. It shouldn't be this hard to find out whether an item is vegan or not.

1333 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 289-5888

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