Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chaco Canyon, Seattle

On our last day in Seattle, we headed over to U-Disrict, that is University District for you non-Seattle people, to eat at Chaco Canyon. Chaco Canyon is an organic vegan cafe that offers an amazing raw and cooked food menu.  They say they are 100% vegan, but they offer cow's milk for coffee so they are really about 98% vegan -- they get a thumbs down for that one.  But, other than that, I have no other beef with them.  :)

Upon walking in, we were impressed with the unique Southwestern decor and impressively high ceilings. It gave the somewhat small cafe a feeling of grandeur!  We walked up to the counter and spent some time perusing the menu before actually placing our orders. It appeared that they had nearly as much raw food as cooked food making it so hard to choose! From lentil burgers and pesto melts to raw green coconut curry and raw cilantro pesto pizza, their menu was extensive.  When we finally decided, I went the raw route and ordered the Enchilada Plate while Zach went the cooked route with the Mighty Mofo.

We took a number and had a seat at our choice of tables. I had also ordered a Starving Student juice, which was fresh carrot, celery, parsley and ginger for $3.15.  The juice had way too much celery though leaving a harsh aftertaste and making it too watery.

About 10 minutes later, our meals were served and they tasted as scrumptious as they looked. My raw enchilada plate had spiced zucchini with avocado and other veggies along with fresh herbs and cashew cheese in a raw tomato tortilla. The tortilla was topped with mango pico de gallo and fresh cilantro. It was a great mix of flavors. Everything was so fresh -- from the cashew cheese to the salsa -- it all tasted like it had just been made. The fresh salad it was paired with was great as well. It was delicious.

Zach was also very happy with his Mighty Mofo. This was a reuben sandwich made of housemade seitan, sauerkraut, grain mustard, cucumbers, and sprouts. It wasn't your typical reuben, but it sure was delicious. Zach said it was the best vegan reuben he'd ever had. I must say that I liked it too.

As we were walking out, we also bought a raw espresso truffle and a couple pieces of banana bread. They were yummy as well.

This cafe served some of the best food we had in Seattle during our short stay. At $11 - $13 per plate, the entrees and sandwiches weren't cheap, but they were appropriately priced given the quality of the food. By the time we left, there was a long line almost to the door so this place must be a local favorite. I would highly recommend going here for lunch the next time you are in Seattle. I know I will definitely be back.

Chaco Canyon
4757 12th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 522-6966

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