Friday, November 11, 2011

Mighty-O Donuts, Seattle

The Mighty-O Donut shop is legendary in the vegan community. Nestled in the quaint little area of Wallingford, this all-organic vegan donut shop is a must-visit in Seattle. Although you can buy their donuts at many places throughout the city, I still recommend visiting the store for two reasons. First, you get to see the donuts getting made right before your eyes and secondly, you get to eat hot, vegan donuts! Okay, I'm already getting a bit excited writing about this so let me take a step back.

Zach and I went to Mighty-O on Labor Day, which was perhaps not the best day to go. Picture the anxious look on my face as I stepped foot in the vegan donut shop, took a look at their extensive menu, then looked down in the glass case only to find there were only a few flavors left. My feeling of excitement changed to panic as I looked down and asked if that was all they had. And, in fact it was, as they had been cleaned out by everyone who was on vacation that day. But, not to worry, they said they were baking more and if I waited 20 minutes, I'd get my pick of many different flavors. We decided to wait. As we waited we were offered a mini cinnamon donut that was delicious!

As I walked around the corner, I noticed the glass wall that allowed you to watch the donut-making machine. This was the coolest thing I've seen in a while! The dough was spit out of this metal machine in donut-shape into the oil and fried on both sides. It was so cool to watch!

Their menu lists donuts at three different price points with the most expensive at only $1.85. That is an incredible deal. All of their donuts are made with either a vanilla or chocolate cake donut base and topped with a variety of icings/toppings such as raspberry, chocolate, sprinkles, coconut, and nuts. With flavors such as Lemon Poppy, French Toast, Lots o Chocolate, Cocoloco, and Cuckoo for Coconut, how's a girl to choose?

When the donuts came out piping hot, we got the Raspberry Riot, a vanilla cake donut topped with vanilla and raspberry icing.  It was incredibly delicious.

Although I will admit that I was a bit caught up in the fact that it was my first visit to an all-vegan donut shop, the donuts were really delicious. Highly recommended!

Mighty-O Donuts
2110 N 55th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 547-0335

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