Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunspire - Coconut Bar

I found a vegan version of the Mounds bar!  As I was shopping in Seattle, I came across the Sunspire Coconut Bar.

This chocolate-covered coconut candy bar was sweet and delectable.  Unfortunately, it didn't look very good when I unwrapped it, but it sure did taste good!

I always find it interesting to compare vegan imitations to the items they intend to imitate.  The Sunspire bar is made of dark chocolate, (evaporated cane juice, unsulphured molasses, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), pure natural vanilla, white rice syrup, dried unsweetened coconut. Compare that to a Mounds bar that is made of corn syrup, semi-sweet chocolate (semi-sweet chocolate contains chocolate, sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter, milk fat, and soya lecithin), coconut, sugar, salt, vanilla, egg whites, and sodium metabisulfite. What a difference!

I only hope I can find this bar in DC as well!


  1. Have you tried the Mahalo bar from Go Max Go? It's like a vegan Almond Joy!

  2. My neighborhood Whole Foods has this, so it's definitely not just a west coast thing. So delicious! Pretty sure you should be able to find it in DC

  3. It's one of my fav candy bars! I've definitely bought them in DC before, I think at the Tenleytown Whole Foods, and at the Yes Market in Adams Morgan(I'd imagine most Yes Market's would - maybe just call ahead?)

  4. Great - I'll take a look. Then I can replace this picture with a better one!

  5. fab to find non gmo chocolate salazon is incredible you will not be disappointed thank you to people who care enough to use the finest ingredients. you did not have a facebook option or I would have used it