Monday, August 17, 2015

Rogue 24, DC #3

Rogue 24 is one of the finest restaurants in DC. The fact that the chef serves vegans is like a gift from above. I've reviewed two 24-course meals at this restaurant in the past and they were spectacular, but now Rogue is offering three- and five-course meals as well. We decided to try the special 4 bites with 4 drinks on this Friday night.

The funny thing was that another vegan couple was having the exact same thing at the exact same time! So, the chef asked if he could seat us all together at the table that faces the fantastic open kitchen. Sure, why not?!

And so the culinary experience began. The amuse was smoked tomato ice -- a cool, refreshing, smoky ice topped with jalapeno and cilantro. Marvelous! This was served with a pickleback drink.

The second drink was an amazing sweet drink with chartreuse and orange peel to complement the dish of dehydrated cabbage with whipped raisins and mustard seeds served on a stone. My friend could not stop raving about this dish. So small, yet so much flavor.

The second bite was probably my favorite -- a fermented mango gazpacho! This dish was pure artwork. Shredded mango in a mango broth with coconut water gelee and puffed forbidden rice -- so you got soft, yet crunchy mango with soft gelee and crunchy rice. It all contributed to phenomenal flavors. The third drink was called the Wild Wild West and was delish -- with Wild Turkey bourbon, angostura bitters, and Swedish punch.

The third bite was also divine! RJ called it a taco, but a traditional taco it was not. This take on a taco had corn, avocado, and tomato in a pumpkin seed soil with a spicy tomato salsa. Could it get better than this?

The final dish was the type of dish I see in fine dining restaurants in top cities outside of DC. The presentation was flawless. A coconut white chocolate with candied black sesame. The flavors of this dish lit us on fire. And it was served with yet another drink.

Be careful -- the dishes are small and the drinks plentiful so you may not be able to walk far.  Be sure to make reservations for the vegan 4 bites with 4 drinks or 3- or 5-course meals at least one week in advance so they can prepare. The price of the 4 bites with 4 drinks is $44, while a 3-course is $55 and the 5-course is $75. Not too shabby and totally worth it. Oh, and the service is spectacular as well. Rogue 24 is a gem in DC and I only hope my vegan friends will patronize it so they will continue to serve amazing, unique, vegan meals.

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Rogue 24
922 N Street NW (rear)
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 408-9724

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