Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Bombay Club, DC

From the same family of restaurants as 701, The Oval Room, and Rasika comes The Bombay Club. But, this is not a new restaurant -- it has been around for many, many years. As a traditional upscale Indian restaurant downtown located away from the trendier areas, I think this restaurant tends to be forgotten, but, I, for one, have always enjoyed the ambiance, cuisine, and service.

My friend and I went to The Bombay Club on a weekday afternoon for lunch. Our reservation was for 11:45 a.m. and it appeared that we opened the place up. When you first walk in, you see a small bar. To the right is the formal dining area decorated with muted colors, traditional paintings, and wooden furniture. The last time I came here, there was a pianist playing in the dining area as well, but I guess you don't get that for a weekday lunch. Shucks.

We were seated towards the middle of the restaurant. The host and servers were all dressed in black suits with white shirts -- very traditional. I started off by ordering the fresh juice of the day, which was a pineapple, apple, concord grape mix. It was very nice.

They have a nice selection of vegan food. For my appetizer, I ordered the crispy arugula-spinach chaat. This flash-fried mixture of spinach and arugula was complemented by raw onions and tomatoes and topped with a tamarind-date chutney. It was delicious.

For my entree, I went with the traditional Gobi Matar, which was a spicy mix of cauliflower and peas with ginger, onion, and cumin. I also had an order of the basmati rice, which is extra, by the way, and it was great. The dish was incredibly spicy and flavorful - I loved it.

When the bill came, my friend was a bit surprised to find that it was $65 for lunch for the two of us, which included drinks, appetizers, rice, and entrees so it is pretty pricey. That aside, the servers were very attentive, the food was great, and I absolutely love the ambiance. I think it is more of a dinner restaurant though and would recommend it as a romantic date-night spot. The live music they play at night is a really nice touch.

Bombay Club
815 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 659-5012

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