Friday, May 11, 2012

Whole Foods Vegan Donuts

I've often thought how wonderful life might be if only Whole Foods sold vegan donuts. Come to find out they do. And not only do they sell vegan donuts, they actually make them in house at many Whole Foods in the nation. Why doesn't mine?  Well, life isn't always fair. But, I will enjoy them whenever I travel.

The purpose of this post is just to give everyone out there some hope that perhaps someday your Whole Foods will offer them too. In San Ramon in East Bay (northern California), they only sell vegan donuts meaning they don't sell non-vegan donuts. They don't have to because they are that good. And they sell several varieties. They are all cake donuts and all are delicious.

Blueberry cake donut
In the only Whole Foods in Tampa, which has, by the way, no vegan restaurants, they sell regular non-cake vegan donuts. I should mention that it is extremely hard to find non-cake vegan donuts. They exist, but they are hard to find. They even had raspberry-filled donuts.  I chose the chocolate frosted one and while I did find it to be a bit dry, it was still good. And I loved the chocolate frosting.

I love having the option to buy vegan donuts in Whole Foods and really hope all Whole Foods will sell them soon. Go to your Whole Foods and request them now (and bring my pics). :)


  1. Crossing my fingers these come to the UK Whole Foods some time soon

  2. The UK is so vegan friendly. I'm really surprised you don't already have these!

  3. Hi am not a vegan... i do enjoy my meat (I'm sorry if that offends anyone) but I am 15 years old and have food allergies to dairy and eggs. I live in Bethesda, Maryland and i would love to know how to get these in dc or in that area. Thank you

  4. Unfortunately, vegan donuts aren't yet sold in the DC area. But, rumor has it that Sticky Fingers may be working on one so hold tight and be patient...goodness is coming! ;)