Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eat Pastry - Cookie Dough

I like to cook and Zach likes to bake -- that makes us the perfect dinner party-hosting couple! I just don't like making an entire cake or batch of cookies only to have it sit there in my home staring at me as I rush to try to eat it all before it goes bad. It is just too much pressure. So, when I first saw the Eat Pastry cookie dough in the refrigerated section, I thought 'what a great idea!' Now, I can make my cookies and eat them too without any fuss!

Eat Pastry has been around for a couple of years now and specializes in vegan cookies. It was started by Jessie and Alfredo, a couple who met in pastry school. They worked hard to perfect their cookies and with such a wide distribution, now anyone can enjoy them.

Currently, they make seven different varieties: chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin chocolate chip, chocoholic chip, gluten-free chocolate chip, gluten-free sugar momma, gluten-free snickerdoodle. In DC, you can get three varieties: peanut butter chocolate chip, gluten-free chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin chocolate chip so these were the ones we tried.

We noticed that the instructions for the gluten-free cookies were slightly different than the others, but being greedy and impatient, we tried to make them all work on one cookie pan. So, we heated the oven to 340-degrees (even though the GF ones are supposed to be on 350-degrees) and scooped two of each onto a greased pan. It also states to use a parchment-lined baking sheet, but I didn't have any parchment paper so we just smeared some Earth Balance on the cookie sheet instead.

As we baked them, we took a close look at the zany packaging. It is really cute and matches the zany website as well. Seriously, go to the website -- it is like Alice in Wonderland in cookie heaven! I keep waiting for the cheshire cat to jump out from behind the ferris wheel!

After about 15 minutes, they were done. We took them out of the oven and placed them on a cooling rack for a few minutes, then devoured. We loved them all!

The oatmeal raisin chocolate chip was our favorite just because we loved to have both oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip in one cookie. Why didn't I think of this? They were soft, chewy, and delightful!

The peanut butter chocolate chip was the softest and oh, so good.

The gluten-free chocolate chip cookies were a completely different texture as they were thinner and flakier, but I really liked them too!

But, wait! I couldn't stop there. Next, I made a new batch of oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. Once they cooled, I spread vanilla flavor Almond Dream ice cream on one, then topped it with another. OMG - this cookie sandwich was to die for. Imagine delicious almond-based ice cream melting in between two slightly warm and absolutely perfect oatmeal cookies with raisins and chocolate chips. Oh, god. I bet you just gained 3 pounds reading this description, but you liked it and will be back for more.

Now, I just need to get my hands on a container of the chocoholic chip -- oh, that sounds so good! The best part about these is that you can just make one or two (or five) cookies and then just close up the container and save the dough for another day. You don't need to make an entire batch of cookies so it is great for a single woman (or man)! To find a store near you, go to the website and click "buy." You'll be glad you did.

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