Friday, May 18, 2012

Vegan Brunch at Muse - May 2012 - Giveaway Winner!

The lucky winner of a complementary brunch for two! Just kidding! Actually, the winner is....[drum roll, please] Erica Meier, the Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing!  

I know what you are thinking, but I swear this drawing wasn't rigged. She won fair and square by a random drawing in the same way that people win all of my drawings. That said, she is definitely one of the most deserving of this prize as she dedicates her life to fighting for animal welfare and animal rights with Compassion Over Killing, one of my all-time favorite non-profits!

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. I still hope you will join me [and Erica] this Sunday, May 20 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for a spectacular vegan brunch at  Todd Gray's Muse at the Corcoran.

Through this process I asked everyone which menu item sounded the most appetizing and the votes were as follows:
  • 1st: Bananas foster vegan pancakes with carmelized baby banana
  • 2nd: Roasted mushroom and black walnut pate with toasted baguette
  • 3rd: 3-way tie for the Grilled polenta with asparagus sauce; Smoked tempeh and roasted garlic cassoulet; and Pineapple and strawberry salad with basil coulis

One more exciting announcement: if you didn't win this month, don't worry - you'll have another chance next month as I'll be holding another giveaway for the vegan brunch in June so stay tuned!

Muse at the Corcoran
500 Seventeenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20006


  1. Oh wow -- I WON! How exciting! Thank you, Angela & The Muse. This meal will be the perfect reward after running the Poplar Spring 5K race for animals on Sunday morning!

  2. You are welcome! Good luck with the race! Enjoy the brunch as well!