Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Righteously Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate must be a gift from the gods. Where else could something this good come from?  I'm almost to the point where I don't want to eat roasted chocolate anymore... ahem, I said "almost." ;)  What do you get when you take an antioxidant-rich raw chocolate bar and fill it with superfoods? You get a nutritional powerhouse that literally melts in your mouth! As Righteously Raw continues to expand its distribution, I couldn't help but pick some of these products up at my local grocery store.

Righteously Raw makes 5 delicious raw chocolate bars, 3 flavors of bite-size raw chocolates, raw truffles, a raw chocolate powder called, "Rawcholatl," and much more. Each of the chocolate bars is split in half and filled with superfoods. After trying each of them, I must say that my favorite was the Chocolate Maca Bar. Maca is quite the superfood -- containing over 55 phytonutrients. It increases energy and vitality and is known to balance hormones and enhance libido. Now where else can you get all of that goodness packed into an unusual tasting chocolate bar with a delicious salty finish?  Well, look no further.

Each of the flavors is incredibly unique with unusual twists. Take the Caramel bar made with Lucuma -- I have no idea how they got lucuma, a low-glycemic fruit that is abundant in beta-carotene and high in calcium, iron, and phosphorus, to taste like caramel, but they did.

Then there is the Acai flavor. Acai has been pretty popular over the past few years as they say it has the highest antioxidant content of  any berry. Rich in omega 3, 6, and 9, this natural source of glucosamine has a sweet taste. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that supports the structure and function of joints and has been proven helpful in treating arthritis. This bar is another unusual flavor that kind of catches you off guard if you don't eat a lot of acai, but I liked it.

Other flavors include the goji and the maqui rose bar -- each unique and filled with nutrition. With all of these great tasting chocolate bars, I  wasn't sure how much I'd like the bite-size chocolates as they aren't filled with anything. They come in 3 flavors -- Synergy Spice, Pure Dark, and Divine Mint. I think the best thing about trying these is that you really get a sense for how the chocolate itself tastes without the fillings. Out of the three flavors, surprisingly, the Pure Dark was my favorite. The pure dark allows you taste their dark chocolate without any other flavors and made me realize how delicious the chocolate is in its purest form. I loved it.

Oh, and did I mention that their truffles are amazing?!  Think raw coconut wrapped in a thick, smooth chocolate truffle. Yeah, they are good.

Oh, and why raw, you might ask? Because nutritional and enzymatic structures in cacao (the bean that chocolate is made from) and superfoods would be damaged by the heat if cooked, making it difficult or even impossible, for our bodies to absorb the benefits at their full potential.

Righteously Raw bars are all organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, low-glycemic, soy- and dairy-free, nut and allergen free, and antioxident rich. And the ingredient list is so pure -- take, for example, the Maca bar -- it is made of cacao butter, cacao powder, organic dates, golden Hunza raisins, maca root, mesquite pod meal, agave nectar, vanilla bean, and Himalayan pink salt. That's it!

These products are now some of my favorite raw chocolate treats. To try some yourself, you can get them here.

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