Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cross Grain Brewhouse, Boise, ID

In a desperate attempt to find something I could eat in the teeny tiny Boise, Idaho airport, I sat down at Cross Grain, a pub. They call themselves "a brewhouse," but they don't brew beer there so technically they are a pub.

I start with a nice sparkling strawberry lemonade. It took a while for our server to take our drink order and even longer to bring our drinks. When she finally came with our drinks, I had questions about what was vegan and she didn't seem to care. I asked about the flatbread and she never checked with the chef to see if it was vegan. I asked about the veggie burger and she said it came in a box and no one knows what is in it. She was probably the worst server I've ever had.

So, I had to wing it. I ordered the Baby Kale and Quinoa salad without the blue cheese and hoped for the best. It was not very good. The kale had not been massage at all. To get a kale salad to take up the vinaigrette, you have to massage it into the tough leaves. Because it wasn't, it was a dry kale salad with dressing on the plate. There was some grilled tomato, onions, and quinoa so it was better than nothing, but for $9 you'd hope they'd make it a bit tastier. Some grilled tempeh instead of the cheese would be a nice touch.

The service was so slow that you would have never guessed we were in an airport. Luckily, we had an hour to kill. I would not recommend this place unless you have tons of time and find there are no other options.

Cross Grain Brewhouse
Boise Airport

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