Thursday, October 13, 2016

Firehook Bakery

As someone who has loved baked flatbread crackers and who is a huge fan of local DC's Firehook Bakery, I have been particularly frustrated that I can not try the Firehook baked crackers sold in stores across the DC area because they aren't vegan.  Well, that may be changing soon!

I ran into the Founder of Firehook Bakery, Pierre Abushacra, and expressed to him my disdain with the use of honey in their crackers. As you may know, honey is not vegan and is the only ingredient of the five ingredients that makes these crackers not vegan. I only care because their vegan breads are delicious and I'd love to try their crackers too.

As we began discussing this, he first told me that honey was the only ingredient that they could use for these crackers, but somehow I was able to convince him to try agave nectar. Pierre finally said he would make a batch just for me! Wow. I only halfway believed it. Then, just two days later, Pierre wrote to me and said they had great success with their first ever vegan Firehook crackers and they were delicious.

They used the organic agave nectar they use for their granola and worked on making adjustments to the recipe that week. Once completed, they sent me some samples, and they were truly delicious -- great flavor and great crunch.

Making a change like this is a little more complicated than it seems as they'd have to change all the packaging and labels, but they are working towards transitioning all of their flavors to the new formula soon! Stay tuned! And please reach out to Firehook to let them know that you are excited about this potential change! A list of their bakery locations can be found here. More soon!

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