Friday, September 8, 2017

Tibits, Zurich, Switzerland

After having such a great brunch at Haus Hiltl earlier in the day, we thought we'd check out the other vegetarian buffet in Zurich. Tibits was opened with the help of the Hiltl family in 2000 and is now going strong with eight restaurants.

Similar to the Hiltl concept, there are many vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from and they charge you by weight of your plate. There are about 40 items to choose from so much less than Hiltl, but still very good. I like how they also have the English translation on the other side of the card that describes each dish. And each dish is clearly labeled as vegan or not.

I went with some tabbouleh, samosas, gnocchi, artichoke salad, and chocolate mousse. Other items that looked scrumptious included the wakame salad, curries, and pasta dishes.

Overall, we felt like some dishes were better than others and that even though the prices seemed slightly less, the food was better at Hiltl. That said, it was still quite good. The gnocchi was absolutely amazing!

That ended my trip to Zurich -- just one short day, but great vegan food!

Falkenstrasse 12
8008 Z├╝rich, Switzerland
+41 44 260 32 12

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