Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pasara Thai, Alexandria, VA

My quest for good vegan food in Alexandria continues and this time I found myself at a Thai restaurant off the beaten path. Pasara Thai is located a few blocks from the Old Town area in the business area in Alexandria. I have gone there for lunch a few times and have had fairly enjoyable experiences. Here are my observations.

For one, the food is pretty fresh. I ordered a vegetable dish that had baby corn, peas, cabbage, peppers, green beans, and deep-fried tofu in a garlic sauce that was quite tasty. The vegetables were crisp and very fresh.

On another occasion, I ordered the kaprow tofu that is mostly fried tofu in a basil sauce. This had a bit too much tofu and not enough vegetables, but it was also good.  The next time around, I asked for less tofu and more vegetables and it was much better!

Sometimes, when you ask for them to make your dish spicy, it is actually spicy, but sometimes it isn't. They will bring their caddy with four different hot spices to you, but be sure that about ten minutes later they'll ask for it back. I guess they don't have enough to go around. I find that quite awkward that they come and take it away halfway through the meal. Also, one of the pepper sauces is not vegan so be sure to ask about this.

Reservations are not needed here and they don't ever check to see if you made them. They just seat people as they come in. The restaurant is huge and can usually accommodate all who want to dine here. They also tend to seat people right next to other tables that are occupied even if there are very few people in the restaurant. This makes it difficult to have a private conversation.

I've also found varying answers when I've inquired as to which dishes have fish sauce in them so beware. I've been told the curry dishes have fish sauce and at other times, I was told it didn't. I avoid these dishes for this reason.

For an area with few vegan options, this has since become my go-to place to eat, which is sad because it isn't spectacular. But given the other options in the area, it is top-notch. I guess I'll be eating here any time I eat out in this part of Alexandria.

Pasara Thai
360 Englhardt Lane
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 299-8747

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