Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bio Essere, Arco, Italy #2

I discovered Bio-Essere in my journeys last year in Arco, Italy and was excited to go back. This organic, vegetarian restaurant is set-up buffet style with different offerings each day. You choose what you want and they weigh your plate to determine the price. All items are clearly marked as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.

On this particular day, the offerings looked most inviting. It made it very hard to choose.

I didn't want to put everything on my plate so I chose four things. The fennel salad made with mushrooms, carrots, and spinach was absolutely delicious. The farro pasta with pesto wasn't as good as it looked, but still pretty good. And I absolutely loved the curried tempeh with carrots over farro.  There was also a breaded tomato that was meh.

So many items to choose from and so little time. I look forward to coming back and trying more. Be aware that this restaurant is only open for lunch most days and for dinner only Friday and Saturday. Also, be sure to check out their very vegan-friendly grocery store next door because it is fantastic! Till next year!

Previous review
December 14, 2016

via Santa Caterina 40
Arco 38062
+39 0464 516597 

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