Thursday, August 24, 2017

Airtime, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland #2

It was my second visit to the beautiful city of Lauterbrunnen -- complete with mountains and waterfalls galore! I come to this beautiful land to wingsuit BASE jump and it is the highlight of my year. This small town doesn't offer tons of vegan options, but one solid staple is Airtime Cafe.  This place also happens to sell paragliding rides and BASE jumping gear so it's like a one-stop shop. And how nice it was to see a sign that said, "We have a love for vegans and unicorns!"

I ate here a few times over the course of a week. First I got the special vegan pie. Loaded with tomatoes, onions, peas, cauliflower, and garlic, it was absolutely delicious and only 8 CHF.

On another occasion, I got the Vegan and Fancy sandwich. This huge sandwich was loaded with beetroot hummus, hazelnuts, smoked tofu, and baby spinach. It was soooo good.

I also tried their chocolate ginger cake. This was not so great -- not nearly as flavorful as it could have been. It was pretty dry.

They also have a gnocchi dish that can be made vegan. The only downside to Airtime Cafe is that they close early -- around 5 p.m. and stop serving way before that so it's lunch or nothing!  Regardless, I love this place. It is laid back, has good food, decent wine, good prices, and nice people. Two thumbs up!

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January 19, 2017

Airtime Cafe
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