Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weidstübli, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

If you drive a little further through the quaint town of Lauterbrunnen towards Stechelberg, you will find a traditional Swiss restaurant called Weidstübli. This log-cabin-style restaurant screams "Switzerland" with its flower boxes and gingham curtains. Inside, big wooden tables with old-fashioned Old World chairs grace the dining room.

We sat down in the main dining room and ordered some wine. When I inquired about vegan options, they were not so excited to accommodate, so I wouldn't rate this restaurant as very vegan friendly. I went ahead and ordered the two items that seemed safely vegan.

The first entree served was the Rosti -- shredded, fried potatoes without the egg. This dish, although simple, was very tasty (and very oily). I liked the pickle in the shape of a heart -- that was a nice touch.

I was pretty full after that, but I also ordered a large Mixed Salad. Loaded with cabbage, greens, tomatoes, corn, and peppers, it was quite tasty. I topped it with oil and vinegar as the dressing.

One thing I will say is that the service left much to be desired. The lady who took our order made a rude comment when my friend apologized to me for ordering meat. She commented that he should be able to order whatever he wants. How is that her business? I've never heard a server say anything like that and I was so taken aback that she would insert herself into our conversation that I just didn't say anything.

All was better once outside though because you can't be upset with mountains and waterfalls around you. I'd eat there again, but it definitely isn't my first choice in this small city.

Weid 406
CH-3822 Lauterbrunnen 
+41 33 856 20 10

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