Thursday, August 31, 2017

Flavours, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Last year, a new restaurant opened in Lauterbrunnen that had the city abuzz. I didn't try it because they weren't very vegan friendly last year. This year, however, was a different story! Flavours hired a new chef, Stefano, who cares deeply about good quality, fresh, healthy meals and makes vegan options available each day.

We ended up eating here several times because my friend personally knows Stefano, who is also a BASE jumper.

On my first visit, he made me a veggie burger that was out of this world. This chickpea burger was made with sweet potatoes, millet, onion, and roasted vegetables on a vegan brown bread with potatoes on the side baked with olive oil and herbs. Fantastic!

I also had fresh juice. There is no juice menu at the juice bar. You tell them what you want and they make it for you. I had grapefruit, ginger, apples, and peaches. So good.

On my next visit, I had a roasted vegetable sandwich made with squash, bell peppers, and tofu on a vegan foccacia. Again, fantastic!

This juice had pear, nectarine, apricots, and kiwi and was much better than the juice I got previously.

I finished it off with a vegan chocolate strawberry cake.

Lastly, I came back for breakfast and had the porridge with nuts, cinnamon, kiwi, strawberries, and apples. It was, by far, the best and healthiest breakfast I had had in two weeks!

And there was a coloring book so we put GoPro's on the flying dragon, of course.

All in all, a great experience. You may not get fast service because everything is made fresh and the prices are high as they are in Switzerland, but the food is the best in Lauterbrunnen, in my opinion! Highly recommended.

Fuhren, Lauterbrunnen 3822
+41 33 855 36 52

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