Thursday, March 1, 2018

Golden Temple, Amsterdam

While looking for a more crowd pleasing restaurant that could satisfy the diverse group of people we had going, I found Golden Temple, a vegetarian Indian restaurant.

Inside, this restaurant was an eclectic ball of fun. Colorful and vibrant, it had traditional tables and chairs on the first floor and lower tables for sitting on the floor on the second floor. We were seated on the second floor. A hodgepodge of colors ignited the spark that drove this restaurant into complete eclecticism.  The entire restaurant is vegetarian and all gluten free and vegan options are conveniently marked on the menu.

We started with an order of the Salt and Pepper Tofu. These tofu sticks were dipped and battered and Chinese green tea salt and pepper covered these fried tofu sticks that are served with salt on the side as well.  They were okay, but nothing to write home about.

For my entree, I ordered the traditional Northern Indian Thali, which is made vegan by request. This sampler platter consisted of Dhal, lentil soup; Saag, spinach dish; Bhand Gobhi, potato and cabbage in a tomato sauce; mild yellow Coconut Curry; basmati rice; and chutney. I really enjoyed it.

More than anything though, I enjoyed the company of my friends who recently moved to Amsterdam and I found this restaurant to be a great place for large groups of people in a friendly, relaxed environment. There's even a yoga studio there. I'd gladly come back again.

Next time, I'll leave room for dessert.

Golden Temple
Utrechtsestraat 126
1017 VT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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