Thursday, March 29, 2018

District Juicery

While perusing the fine crafts at the Crafty Bastard show, I came across a booth for District Juicery. District Juicery? I swear I can't keep up with all of the food people in DC no matter how I try. District Juicery makes raw, organic juices, granola, and granola bars. And all of their granola is vegan!

I grabbed the Carrot Cake and Chocolate Beet granola bars (or cookies as they appear) and gave them a try. They were both very good. The Carrot Cake is made with all natural ingredients like carrots, almonds, applesauce, and cinnamon and had so much flavor.

The Chocolate Beet was also good, but I held on to it for a few months because its expiration date wasn't until six months later and I wanted to see how it would hold up. It definitely got harder over time. The texture was still that of a granola cookie and the rich flavor of chocolate was still there, but the chewiness wasn't. I think better packaging would solve this issue.

Other flavors include the Original and Gingerbread. You can find them at various markets in DC including Glen's Garden Market Shaw, Union Market, and Streets Market 14th Street. For a full list of stores that sell their products, click here. I look forward to trying the juices next.

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