Friday, October 11, 2013

Homegrown Smoker, Portland

On our last day in Portland, we decided to check out the infamous Homegrown Smoker, a vegan BBQ food truck. I knew the food wasn't exactly on the healthy side, but I had heard so much about it that I had to try it.

This food truck is located in one of many food truck parks in Portland -- in Mississippi Marketplace, complete with seating. From sandwiches and BBQ platters to chili mac and chili cheese fries, they offer a wide variety of unhealthful meals. But, regardless, I wanted to try their most famous sandwich of all -- the SloSmoMoFo. This sandwich was overflowing with applewood smoked soy curls on a Killer (Dave's Killer Bread) bun with chipotle slaw and maple bourbon BBQ sauce. It was all the badness I wanted and more. I thought it was pretty good, but needed more sauce so I doused it with some more of the sauces I found at the cart and then it was perfect. The soy curls were smoky and soft and represented the typical pulled pork in this meal, Carolina-style. Complete with a grilled bun and crispy coleslaw, it is just like your mom used to make. I also ordered the Mac Nocheese, which was awesome, and the stewed greens because I felt I needed something healthy to counter this meal.

I have to admit though, that I actually liked Corey's sandwich better. He ordered the new Buff Chik'n Sammich, which was made with smoked Beyond Meat chikn on a Killer bun with salad greens, grilled peppers and onions, jalapenos, Buff sauce, and Ranch dressing. Although you really can't see it in this picture, it was delicious.

I also had the minted lemonade, which was sweet and refreshing.

Homegrown Smoker has been a long-time staple in Portland and is worth a visit if you are in town. Just be sure to pair whatever you order with the Mac Nocheese. You won't regret it.

Homegrown Smoker
4233 N. Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

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  1. How long are you in PDX for? Glad you've tried Homegrown Smoker! Have you tried the Departure Restaurant & Lounge yet?

  2. I'm gone now...and I missed that one. Maybe next time!