Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tiki Loungebar Vegan Food, Trento, Italy

Strolling along the cobble roads in Trento, Italy, we stumbled upon a vegan cafe called Tiki Lounge Bar -- fancy that. Here I was just talking about whether I'd be able to find vegan food in Italy and lo and behold, we find this. Well, the obvious choice was to have lunch right that moment!

Turns out it is actually a vegetarian cafe. Tiki used to be vegan, but they weren't doing as well with that concept, so they added some vegetarian fare. The cafe is quaint with a few tables inside and lots of seating outside. We took a seat outside and ordered wine...because Italy!

The menu had tons of vegan options and I wasn't sure what to order. There were dishes like: dahl with cauliflower and apricots, burger made with portobello mushrooms, zucchini rolls, pasta, and more!

We started with an appetizer -- the pumpkin with chili and fresh avocado. It was just that. Pumpkin with avocado -- pretty plain, but definitely fresh.

For my entree, I ordered the red beets a la bourguignonne with red lentils and mushrooms. Again, this dish was quite plain, but fresh and satisfying.

So, while I won't rave about the food or service, I'm happy to have found the one veg place in Trento and I'd come back in a heartbeat!  I'm just glad I found this place.

Tiki Vegan Food
Piazza Duomo, 22
Trento 38122
+39 349 639 4658

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