Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blue Burrito Grille, Phoenix Airport

With a quick layover in Phoenix, I did some research and found there was a vegan-friendly Mexican eatery right in the airport. Blue Burrito Grille is its name and lard-free beans are its game.

It offered a limited menu in the airport that included breakfast, burritos, favorites, and salads. I went with the vegetarian burrito with no-lard black beans, grilled peppers & onions, lettuce, and guacamole. I added the guacamole and asked them to hold the cheese. With it, they gave me some of the Tappato "hot" sauce.

The burrito really wasn't that good, but I was happy to have a real meal. The beans and veggies were pretty flavorless and the hot sauce wasn't that great either. And there was so little guacamole that it didn't add much to the meal. That said, if I'm ever in this airport again, I'd eat here again because the options are limited and this sure was better than nothing.

Blue Burrito Grille
Phoenix Airport
Terminals 3 & 4

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