Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oyamel, DC #3

Jose Andres' restaurant, Oyamel, is a fantastic lively Spanish restaurant in the heart of Penn Quarter. On this particular Thursday night, we were seated in their newly expanded area.

We started with the chips and guacamole. It always makes me feel better about paying $13.50 for guacamole if they make it live in front of me! Ha! This time the guy spent five minutes making the guac, then sprinkled cheese on top to finish it. Ack! I told my server I was vegan, so even though I felt bad, they had to make it again. So, we got two shows for one price!

I ordered a spicy margarita as well. This is a place that knows how to make margaritas.

I also had the Huatape de Hongos -- locally foraged mushrooms sauteed and served over a herbaceous masa sauce of cilantro, epazote, and jalapeno. It couldn't have been more flavorful or cooked any more perfectly than it was.

I also had the Frijoles Rebosero, a bean dish made with heirloom rebosero beans, fresno chiles, and seasonal vegetables in a mulato chile dressing. It was really hearty and rich with great seasoning.

Yet another good time at Oyamel. Although we were in and out in an hour as we had to go to the theater, we truly enjoyed it. The food was great, pricey, but great. The service besides the mess up on the guac was great as well. And the atmosphere is always lively. The highlight of the night was seeing Jose Andres in person for the first time ever.

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401 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 628-1005

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  1. I think the heirloom bean stew is one of the best vegan dishes in DC. (other than the margarita, ha ha)

  2. I read this before going and confirmed "no cheese" on the guacamole - they didn't make the guacamole in front of us but they still gave us guacamole with cheese on it!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that. All you have to say is that you ordered it with no cheese and they'll make you a new one. This has happened to me as well.