Friday, January 13, 2017

Veganima, Arco, Italy

As we neared the end of our trip, I desperately wanted to go to this 100% vegan organic restaurant, Veganima, in Arco. Luckily, I convinced two friends to come as well! I heard it was hard to get in so we went for a lunch instead of dinner. We showed up just as they had opened at noon and snagged a table inside.

Veganima had an adorable ice cream cart outside!  Inside, there were plain brown tables and an eclectic, small dining area. We sat down and ordered drinks and waited for them to open the food area. In this restaurant, there is no menu. You just go up to the counter and see what they are serving for the day and pay by the number of dishes they put on your plate. I went with three.

I had a delicious salad with spinach, broccoli, beans and pesto, a mushroom lasagna that wasn't so great, a so-so chickpea cake, and a fantastic piece of pizza. The vegan pizza made my day because I was about to leave Italy as the only member of my group that did not have pizza in Italy!

You can see the array of dishes my friends got -- they found they loved some dishes and others were so-so -- similar to my experience.

For dessert, I chose a raw chocolate cake. It was very filling.

My friends loved their desserts.

On my way out, I noticed they had a separate counter where they served ice cream and pastries. I wish I hadn't been so full.

So that ends my adventures in Italy. Oh, wait, then I did this:

Okay, so that ended it and it was fantastico! Mucho BASE!

Viale delle Magnolie 29
Arco (TN)
+39 0464 519764

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