Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alfio Ristorante, Dro, Italy

After about a week in this beautiful mountainous city, we met some friends at Alfo Ristorante in Dro, Italy. From the outside, this place did not look very special -- a drab facade and a big sign indicating where the beer garden was. I was not impressed.

But, once you got inside, it was a nice place! And even the outside "beer garden" was a beautiful outside dining area with lots of plants and statues.

What my friends didn't tell me was that there are tons of vegan options here! There is even a vegan tasting menu!  I felt a bit overwhelmed so we ordered wine first.  I went with fantastic local Pinot Nero from Trento. I could have bought several bottles of this.

I really wanted to try the vegan tasting menu, but I wasn't that hungry. So, instead, I ordered the "Mucho BASE." It is named this because of the BASE jumping community here - yay, so I had to support! Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I expected. There was a vegan burger made of tofu, spelt, potatoes, and carrots, baby spinach sauteed in olive oil, and basmati rice with soy sauce. It was a very odd combination that didn't go well together and the burger needed some oomph.

We came back another night and I decided to try one of the many vegan pasta dishes. I had this amazing dish of fresh pasta with tomatoes and pine nuts. It was the best pasta dish I had in all of Italy. And there were so many other vegan dishes to choose from.

For dessert, I had fresh pineapple. They get an A for presentation.

So, despite the painfully slow service, the pasta dishes here are incredible. I think we ate here for three nights straight!

And this is what you see when you come out of the restaurant -- gorgeous!

Alfio Ristorante
Road West Gardesana 7
B Dro (TN) 38074
+39 0464 504208

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