Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Salamander Resort, Middleburg, Virginia

We've all heard of the Stanford Inn and other resorts that cater to and advertise to vegans. But, did you know that there is one right in our backyard? Located just an hour and 15 minutes away from DC, tucked into the quaint town of Middleburg, is a beautiful resort called the Salamander Resort.

I ended up here for a work retreat and although I had very little free time in my short two days here, I enjoyed every minute of it.  There is a massive spa with heated benches, massages, and treatments as well as fitness classes every morning. I spent most of my time in meetings, so really all I got to experience was the room and food.

The room was really nice. I had a king suite with a small balcony and an amazing bathroom. We are talking a clawfoot bathtub complete with bath salts as well as his and hers sinks or for those single folk -- two sinks just for you!

Now for the food--who knew this place was incredibly vegan friendly?! They have a full-on vegan menu!  On Monday night, I was served an Asian noodle dish with tofu. On Tuesday, for breakfast, I had vegan French toast and tofu scramble and it was amazing. For lunch on Tuesday, I was served an incredibly delicious chickpea curry with roasted vegetables.

For dinner on Tuesday, I had a fresh salad and pasta that had green beans, peas, and asparagus in a red sauce.

For breakfast on Wednesday, I had pumpkin pancakes and tofu scramble. The pancakes had great flavor and were very fluffy. The tofu scramble, although a bit watery, also had nice flavor.

For lunch on Wednesday, I was served quinoa with mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, greens, peppers, and peas. It was fantastic.

I did get to visit some Virginia wineries, which are just around the corner from the Salamander. So there's other things you can do locally if you choose to leave the resort.

The only thing I didn't like is their focus on horseriding and that they do it on their properties because I don't believe in keeping horses in captivity or using them for any type of service, sport, etc.

But, anyway, if you are looking for a getaway with good vegan food, look no further, Salamander is a great option. Great vegan food and fantastic accommodations!  Spend a weekend out there and you'll come back completely refreshed and relaxed! I know I did.

Salamander Resort
500 North Pendleton Street
Middleburg, VA 20117
(540) 687-3600

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