Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sen.se - ThermoPeanut

As a wine connoisseur, I keep close tabs on the temperature in my wine cellar. But, sometimes I worry if the sun is raising the temperature of my unit while I'm away. Sen.se has developed an innovative product called the ThermoPeanut that lets you monitor temperature via your SmartPhone and I love having access to this data any time I need it.

It's pretty simple, you can just take the tiny ThermoPeanut and mount it with the putty provided anywhere in your home. It also comes with multiple accessories so you can mount it as you please. You can mount multiple ones in different rooms to monitor temperature differences and adjust the temperature remotely using compatible thermostats.

I mounted mine in my cellar and compared the temperature showing on my SmartPhone to the temperature showing in the cellar. It wasn't precise for sure. Once my cellar was showing the temp as 55.9-degrees while the ThermoPeanut showed it as 57-degrees--not a big difference. But, on another occasion, the temperature was reading as 54.6-degrees in the cellar while the ThermoPeanut was showing 57.3-degrees, so about 3-degrees difference. The question is really--which one is accurate? That I do not know, but it is likely my cellar is the one that is accurate.

The app is pretty cool though in that you can view the history of the temperature wherever you place it. You can even set it up to alert you when the temperature is too high or too low based on your settings.

All in all, it's a great idea and a useful tool. I like having the data available everywhere I go. But, I can't attest to its accuracy. You can find the ThermoPeanut at BestBuy or online at Amazon here for just $29.99

Full Disclosure: Although the products were provided to me for free to review, that in no way influenced my veracious opinion.

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