Monday, October 6, 2014

Great Sage, Clarksville, MD #5

As we headed back from a trip to New Jersey, we figured we'd stop by Great Sage to see what they were serving this season. Great Sage is a vegan restaurant in Clarksville, Maryland that I have found to be hit or miss with their seasonally inspired menus.

After looking through my Great Sage reviews, I realized that I hadn't been here in like two years!  So we stopped by on a Sunday evening and despite how crowded they were, we were seated immediately. We both felt like we needed a cleansing so we started with fresh beverages. I ordered the Super Green Live Juice, which was a delicious mix of kale, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, and cucumber.

Chris ordered the Green Machine smoothie with peaches, mango juice, and banana sans the spirulina (so it wasn't green). He loved it.

We asked for the bread basket and dipping oil that is complementary, but only available if you ask. Their breads are so fresh and spongy -- just the way I like my bread.

Then, we ordered Sage's Famous Artichoke Spinach Dip. With a name like that, it better be good. Well, I had to give them this one. This dip was really good.  I don't know what they made it of, but it was a creamy dip with spinach and artichoke hearts with melted Daiya cheese on top served with toasted crostini. This is a must order dish.

For my entree, I ordered the Hearts of Palm "Crab Cake." Again, a winner. They took roasted hearts of palm and somehow processed them together to make a patty, then baked them to form a nice crust around the outside. This crablike patty was served over a succotash of peas and corn with a kale salad on top. Who would think to put the kale salad on top as a sort of garnish? It was brilliant and very good. There was even a smear of potato salad with it that complemented the dish nicely.

Chris ordered the Barbeque Smoked Tofu. This had apple-wood smoked and barbequed tofu over tempeh bacon grits with tomatoes and scallions and steamed green beans with a roasted corn gravy. It was okay, but not nearly as good as my dish.

The service was pretty good throughout our meal with our server stopping by periodically. For $16 - $18 entrees, I still think they are pretty pricey, but our meals were also pretty good and pretty large. And the appetizer was amazing. So, this time I'll give it to them. This was a much better experience than the last one. I'm looking forward to coming back soon.

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Great Sage
5809 Clarksville Square Drive
Clarksville, MD 21029
(443) 535-9400

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  1. We live near Great Sage and find it hit and miss, as you say. It is good for people in transition, using a lot of processed items. Great Sage is not, however, the place for a healthy whole food, plant based, nutrient dense meal.

    1. They seem to use a lot of Daiya, but there are some healthy options for sure like the crabcakes and fresh juices.