Friday, December 19, 2014

Elevation 486, Twin Falls, ID #2

After having raved about one of the few upscale dining restaurants in the quaint town of Twin Falls, Idaho, Elevation 486, I headed back a few months later. On their website, they were still showing the spicy sesame bowl with coconut rice and I was excited to have it again.

We were seated at a large table in the middle of the dining room. I ordered a Manhattan with Maker's Mark whiskey while everyone else ordered a beer.  I didn't notice the sesame bowl on the menu so I asked the server and he said they had just removed that from the menu. He wasn't sure what could be made vegan and said he'd go back and check.

When he brought the drinks out, he basically said there was nothing he could serve me. So, I started looking at the menu and asked if the pastas could be made vegan. I basically had to make a suggestion because he couldn't think of anything. So I asked if the special of the day -- the Penne with Wild Mushrooms could be made with a red sauce. He said they didn't have a red sauce. Then, I asked if it could be made with just olive oil, mushrooms, and peas leaving the cream and parmesan out. He stated it wouldn't be as flavorful as premade dishes. I said that was fine.  He finally came back and said they could do it. This was frustrating. Most servers can work with the chef to figure out what can be made vegan without the patron doing all of the work. And stating that it wouldn't be as good as a dish already on the menu usually goes without saying. I was pretty disappointed with this service.

The salad that accompanied it was pretty good.

But, in the end, the dish was a plain penne pasta served with olive oil, sauteed mushrooms, and peas. It was fine, but nothing special. I was just glad to have a hearty meal in Twin Falls regardless of the lack of flavor.

I left the restaurant not wanting to return. What was once a vegan-friendly restaurant is now a vegan-unfriendly restaurant. The service was poor, the prices high, and food substandard. I guess I'll check out their competitor, Canyon Crest, next time.

Elevation 486
195 River Vista Place
Twin Falls, ID 83301
(208) 737-0486

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