Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Plant Cafe Organic, SFO Airport

Even though I had an 8 a.m. flight on a Monday, I got up early so I could hit The Plant Cafe Organic in the Virgin America Terminal 2. I was so excited because I thought it was a vegetarian place. Clearly, I didn't do my homework. In fact, for breakfast, there weren't many vegan options at all. And they serve lots of meat. Ugh.

Determined to still eat here, I decided to go up and ask some questions. There didn't appear to be any vegan hot items for breakfast so I asked if they could substitute tofu for the egg in the breakfast burrito. They did. It turned out to be an okay burrito with tofu, tomato, black beans, and avocado in a whole wheat wrap. Okay, but not really exciting.

Overall, I was disappointed.  A place called "Plant" really has an obligation to be at least vegetarian, if not vegan. And a new Plant not related to this one just opened up in southern California. And, guess what? It's vegan. I'm not sure how these two will operate with the same name, but, I don't think I'll be coming back to this one anytime least not for breakfast. They did have a salad and wrap marked as vegan for lunch -- but the choices are slim and expensive.

The Plant Cafe Organic
SFO Airport
Terminal 2
(650) 821-9290

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  1. What?! How can a place called The Plant not be vegetarian? They must mean, meat processing plant. We travel to SF a lot and I was excited at first...what a disappointment!