Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Le Pain Quotidian - Cupcakes, Virginia

Le Pain Quotidien is a French bakery and cafe with a variety of vegan options. I won't go into a full review as I've already reviewed this restaurant twice (see below). I just wanted to comment on their baked goods as I had never tried them before.

After a delicious meal, I walked by the bakery area and noticed an organic vegan carrot cake muffin and a vegan carrot cake cupcake. I had to try the cupcake.

My expectations were low as this is not a vegan bakery, but boy, was I surprised. This carrot cake cupcake was soft, fresh, and full of fresh carrots!  The icing was delicious as it wasn't too sweet, but was incredibly good. I just couldn't keep myself from raving about this cupcake as I was eating it. I'm so impressed with their ability to bake delicious vegan cupcakes. Now if only I could figure out why they flipped the cupcake upside down and iced the bottom.

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Le Pain Quotidien
701 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 683-2273

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