Friday, June 12, 2015

Sweetgreen - Umami Bowl

At this point, Sweetgreen needs no introduction. Known for quick, healthy salads, soups, and grain bowls, the cafe has become a household name. I was home from work late on this particular evening and stopped by for a quick take-out dinner.

On the springtime menu, at least in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia locations, was the Umami Bowl. This was my favorite dish ever at Sweetgreen! Unfortunately, it is already off the menu, but hopefully they'll bring it back in the near future.

Perhaps, there are way too many grains, but if you put that aside, you will realize in one taste why this is called what it is. Umami is a pleasant savory taste that is often hard to describe. This bowl exemplifies that taste with its warm organic wild rice, quinoa, and farro grains mixed with swiss chard, roasted mushrooms, chopped raw red onion, roasted tofu, pea shoots, spicy sunflower seed and miso sesame ginger dressing. I don't even have to describe it because that says it all. It is the mix of roasted, cooked, and raw ingredients that brings this dish alive and I absolutely loved it.

Oh, and a plug for the Sweetgreen app -- once you spend $99, you get $9 for free so be sure to use it!

Sweetgreen - I hope you never take this off the menu. Ooooomami.

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