Friday, June 26, 2015

Late July Tortilla Chips and Frontera Salsas

Sometimes I can be a chips and salsa fanatic. I mean - who doesn't like chips and salsa?! The problem is that there are so many cheaply made chips with low quality GMO corn and crappy salsas out there that I don't even eat the chips and salsa when I'm out half the time. But, when I can choose my own chips and salsa and devour them at home, I'm all about it!

Late July makes outstanding chips in soooo many flavors. Ten of their flavors are vegan like the Sweet Potato Multigrain and Chia & Quinoa Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips! What I like most about their chips is that they are made with non-GMO corn, mostly organic ingredients, and good-for-you seeds like chia, millet, flax, quinoa, and amaranth. That's about as healthy as a tortilla chip can get!

But, wait - no chip is good without some sort of salsa or guacamole, right?! My absolute favorite salsa - I mean the salsa I choose when I go to the grocery store is Frontera's Gourmet Mexican Salsas. These salsas have incredible flavor and real ingredients. So what happens when you pair the Late July chips with the Frontera salsas? It's magic!

Take the Sea Salt by the Seashore and Red Hot Mojo chips with the Jalapeno Cilantro salsa.  The Sea Salt chips are made with brown rice, chia seeds, and a grain & seed blend that includes millet, flax, brown rice, quinoa, and amaranth.  The result is just a fantastic basic tortilla chip. But when you dip it in the Jalapeno Cilantro salsa it really comes alive with tomatoes, jalapenos, and cilantro. This salsa has perfect flavor that could complement just about any chip. The salsa is not overly thick so it lasts a bit longer than those super thick salsas.

My favorite chip was the Red Hot Mojo -- a fiery blend of jalapenos and red peppers in a chip. This chip is amazing. It's not too hot and not too mild and has just the right amount of crunch! I paired it with the Jalapeno Cilantro salsa because that salsa is not too spicy while the chip really is!

For my next double pairing I took the Cure for the Summertime Blues (yes, the names are all that cute!) and the Sub Lime chips with the Roasted Habanero salsa. Oh my! The Roasted Habanero salsa is one of the hottest salsas with habanero I've ever had! You get chunks of fire-roasted tomatoes with habanero that leave a slow burn at the back of your throat. Pair this salsa with mild chips like the Summertime Blues - a great high-quality crunchy blue chip with chia and flax seeds or the super-limey Sub Lime chips and you get a party-ready pairing!

After all that, I decided to try Late July's new JalapeƱo Lime Clasico and Bacon Habanero Clasico chips. Honestly, I really wasn't a big fan of these. I tried them briefly at Expo West and was really more excited at the novelty of Bacon Habanero chips than the taste itself. After taking the time to really try these at home, I felt like some of the added ingredients like maltodextrin made these chips taste like they had fake flavor added.

Late July chips can be found on Amazon here and Frontera salsas can also be found on Amazon here. They are commonly found in Whole Foods as well. And with that, I'm going back to planning a Mexican siesta!

Full Disclosure: Although the products were provided to me for free to review, that in no way influenced my veracious opinion.

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