Thursday, June 7, 2012

Capital City Bakery, Austin

Our first stop in Austin was the Whole Foods. Why? Because Austin is home of the first Whole Foods and is Whole Foods' headquarters. Not to mention it is one of the biggest Whole Foods in the world!  While in Whole Foods, we ran into Chris and Crystal of Food for Lovers -- they make an awesome queso! They recommended that we go to Capital City Bakery to try their baked goods. Who could resist a glowing recommendation?

So, we kept that in the back of our minds and headed to eat at Conscious Cravings. Little did we realize that not only is Capital City Bakery a food trailer, it is right next to Conscious Cravings, a vegetarian (almost fully vegan) food trailer. How convenient! And it is a fully vegan bakery! Had Chris not recommended them though, I might not have gone over to take a look because the word "vegan" was nowhere to be seen.

When we walked over to check it out, the baker was cooking up a storm. The items that were already available included cupcakes, cookies, and brownies. Oh, which one to choose? The brownies were super thick, the cookies super fresh, and the cupcakes adorable. From strawberry to blondies, all of the cupcakes looked superb.

The baker/owner, Kristen Davenport, recommended her signature cupcake -- the peanut butter crunch. Oh my gosh, it was sooo good. It was a super moist chocolate cake topped with peanut butter icing, chocolate sauce, and ground chick-o-sticks. It truly tasted like a Butterfinger cupcake.

Afterwards, I went back to talk to Kristen only to find out that she had just opened this location 5 days ago! I was so excited to be one of her first customers.  On her website it states, "The connection between food, our health, and the world around us is undeniable - We’re dedicated to providing an alternative choice in attempt to preserve the environment, protect animals, and unite people through a love of food and a desire for progression." Love it. Go there now and get a cupcake. That is an order.

Capital City Bakery
1901 Rio Grande
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 666-7437

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