Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cork & Fork Giveaway Winner - March 2013

The winner of the Exotic Mediterranean Wine Class at Cork & Fork is......Gwendolyn Arber!

Congratulations, Gwen! I hope you enjoy your time at the wine class this Thursday. And for everyone else, even if you didn't win, I still encourage you to go to the class as it promises to be a lot of fun.

Exotic Mediterranean Class Description
One of the key elements in the Mediterranean diet is wine. Wherever the Greeks and later the Romans went in their efforts to conquer the Mediterranean world, they took along wine and the grapes to produce it. What, pray, is Greek moschofilero, or Turkish kalecik karası? The answer is grape varieties – different, exciting grapes. We will search the best from Croatia, Lebanon, Israel, Slovenia, Turkey and Greece. The wines are unfamiliar in provenance, and pretty pricey. These countries are all sources of interesting wine, and there are few chances to taste these styles, so seize the opportunity.

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