Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 Natural Products Expo West - Day 3

I just got my "I survived Expo West" shirt yet again! Another great show, another great year. I'm so pleased with some of the things I saw and so displeased with others. But, I'll save the feedback for another time -- perhaps tomorrow. For now, here are my top picks for the final day of the show (in no order).

#1 SOSU Thaichup artisan sauce/ketchup

#2 DF Mavens vegan ice cream

#3 Tofurky pot pie

#4 Chez Marie hearty hemp seed burger

#5 Powell & Mahoney vintage cocktail mixers (including a vegan bloody mary)

And so we have it -- the best vegan products of the show in my opinion. Stay tuned for my final reflections about the show. For now, I'm going to relax in the United lounge before my long redeye flight. Looking forward to being off my feet!

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