Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fruit Bliss - Dried Fruit

What makes a great dried fruit? Moistness! Recently, Fruit Bliss just came out of nowhere and immediately began filling the stores with their moist, yet dried, figs, apricots, dates, and plums. I know what you are thinking -- that you've had dried fruit that is moist before. Yes, but did it have preservatives?? Most likely so. I eat prunes on a regular basis so I know a lot about this. I used to eat the moister prunes that had preservative potassium sorbate in them because they were so much moister than the ones that didn't. Now that I am on my super clean kick, I stopped buying the ones with preservatives and now my prunes are dry as a bone!  Fruit Bliss takes the dried fruit and rehydrates it with water to make it extra juicy without using any preservatives. So you can have your moist prunes and eat them too!

I get a kick out of how prunes are now being called dried plums because people are more likely to buy plums than prunes! Who said there aren't marketing companies for fruit? See the moistness below?!

Oh, and even better is to coat your dried plum/prune in a chocolate hazelnut spread and eat it as dessert -- you get all the goodness and fiber of plums along with a little chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The apricots are just as sweet and delicious as the plums.

And the figs, are just, well, figs. I have to say I love the figs too.

And if you are generally indecisive, just buy the variety pack.

These products were created by a mother who wanted her son to eat dried fruits as a snack and wanted them to be tasty, yet preservative-free. Awesome job, Susan! And she even donates 5% of the profits to organizations that share the same purpose.

So go ahead and get your guilt-free snack on with these wonderful fruits. They retail for around $3.80 per bag and are sold at various stores including Whole Foods. If you can't find them locally, you can buy them here. Find your bliss!

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