Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elizabeth's Gone Raw - Raw Onion Rings

OMG! That about sums up how I feel about Elizabeth's Gone Raw's new raw onion rings. Elizabeth's Gone Raw is DC's premier raw vegan dining experience. At the restaurant, they always serve their kale chips as an amuse bouche. Now, the great minds at Elizabeth's have created yet another sensation. First, they take their amazing kale chips (in my opinion, the best in the country) and break them up into little pieces. Then they take large slices of onions, dip them in cashew cream, then thickly coat them in the kale chips. Lastly, they dehydrate them at low temperatures again. The result is an onion ring to die for.

As you bite through the crunchy outside coating and savor all the spicy flavorings of the kale chips, you eventually get to a fresh onion ring and all together, the flavors immediately create a party in your mouth. If you like the kale chips, you will love the onion rings.

Unfortunately, at this time, they are still testing them out as one of their new small plates, which will only be offered during special happy hours. In fact, the next one will be on Thursday, March 21 starting at 5:30 p.m. They may eventually start selling them in bags like they do the kale chips, which will be available only by picking them up at the restaurant in DC. I'm sorry to all of those who live outside of DC. But, if you are planning to visit, be sure to stop by Elizabeth's for dinner on Friday nights to try the kale chips or at one of their special happy hours to try these delicious treats. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

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