Friday, March 22, 2013

Goûter - Special Vegan Dinner

The adorable couple behind Goûter is certainly making a splash in DC. After several successful classes through Living Social, not to mention producing some of the best juices and cleanses in town, Steve and V have certainly developed a following. I know that I, for one, have really enjoyed every snack I've ever tried from them. So, Zach and I decided to go to their special dinner benefiting COK and The Kindness Collective at the 410 GooDBuddY art gallery in DC. Since we had never tried a meal made by these notable chefs, we were looking forward to seeing what they would cook up. And, surprisingly, it was not all raw!

The night began with some socializing as we admired the work of the artist, Dana Ellyn who had some in-your-face animal rights-themed works displayed. I really appreciated her courage in displaying her work exactly as she had imagined it as she is obviously a very talented painter. All the while, we were sipping a drink made with one of Goûter's signature tonics featuring lemon, cayenne, and maple sugar -- so delicious.

After an hour or so, we took a seat at a large table and the fun really began. Four courses would be served beginning with a spectacular bisque made of almond milk and topped with burnt broccoli and lemon foam. Everyone immediately cleared their plates and waited for the next course.

Next, we were served a delightfully light salad made with baby lettuce, radicchio, and crispy kale. It was a creative mix of fresh lettuces mixed with dehydrated kale and topped with a citrus dressing.

For the entree, we were served a dish with raw pasta -- tagliatelle made of celery root in a cashew cream sauce with roasted mushrooms and truffle pine nut parmesan. Now up until this point, the dishes had been great, but this one was truly fantastic. I mean, this dish could stand up to some of the one's created by this country's best raw chefs. I realize it wasn't 100% raw, but even without the roasted mushrooms, it was truly one of the best raw dishes Zach and I had ever had.

Lastly, we were served bite-size "tootsie rolls" made of hemp seeds, cacao nibs, spirulina and raspberry. There was also some raw chocolate bark made with maca, sprouted buckwheat, and sea salt. It was all very satisfying.

As we all sat back and remarked upon how delicious everything was, the question in my mind was "when are they going to open a restaurant?"  Only time will tell. But, in the meantime, I'd recommend you attend their events whenever they are held because you are sure to be in for a treat.

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