Monday, March 24, 2014

The Gibson, DC #2

Since first writing about The Gibson back in 2012, I have visited this establishment numerous times for drinks, all with pretty good experiences.  The Gibson is a speakeasy-type establishment located in an old garage on 14th Street, identifiable only by its gray facade as no sign is displayed. My favorite area is the first floor, which is mostly reservations only. I had visitors here from Australia who wanted a unique DC experience and The Gibson was one of the first places that came to mind.

So we headed over on a Sunday night with reservations for 8 p.m. We were seated in the larger room towards the back on the first floor. What I enjoy about The Gibson is that there is no standing allowed. All patrons are seated and it is the quiet, dimly lit environment that contributes to the ambiance of a speakeasy-type place. The menu of drinks changes frequently so it always takes me a bit of time to decide what to order.

My favorite drink of the night was the Red Death made with Mezcal, Raspberry, Root Liqueur, Allspice Dram, Hellfire Bitters, Old Fashioned Bitters, and Peychaud's Bitters. You can never have too many bitters! This made for a delightfully spicy cocktail that we all really enjoyed.

My friend enjoyed the Nailed in a Room, which was made with House Infused Oxley Gin (habanero, lemon, sage) with Grapefruit Juice, Benedictine, Aromatic Bitters, and Simple Syrup. Also, quite spicy!

The Dirty French Novel was another one that we tried made with Bison Grass Rye, Cranberry, Root Liqueur, Lemon Juice, and Decanter Bitters. I found this one to be a bit too strong, but with a nice flavor.

We also tried the So There! for $13, which was made with Mezcal Vida, Fernet Branca, Campari, Allspice, Dram, and Green Chartreuse. I found this drink to be bitey, yet sweet. I really liked it.

To munch, we ordered some of the green olives. They were very fresh.

We had a number of other drinks and all of them turned out to be delightful. What makes this place so unique besides the ambiance is the uniqueness of the drinks. They drinks are handcrafted with bitters and liqueurs that you won't find in many places in the city for just $11 to $16 each. Each one is so unique that you often love it or hate it and if you hate it, you can exchange it for another, no questions asked. For a truly unique drink experience, be sure to check out The Gibson when you are in town. It is a must-visit in DC.

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August 28, 2012

The Gibson
2009 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 232-2156

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