Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moo Moo's Vegetarian Cuisine - Poblano Chickpea Patties

As I was walking through MOM's, a local organic grocery store in Maryland, I stumbled across a line of frozen meals I hadn't seen before. The company is called "Moo Moo's Vegetarian Cusine" and they offer vegetarian and vegan meals in the frozen foods section.

I picked up the Poblano Chickpea Patties to try the next day. The patties are made of chickpeas, brown rice, kettle cooked chili onions, and roasted poblano and red bell peppers. They are served over roasted corn salsa. They were soft and spicy, but pretty grainy. They went well with the salsa, but I found myself wishing there was more salsa as the patties were pretty dense.  What was surprisingly shocking was that the entire meal was only 230 calories and 3 grams of fat. You can't argue with that!

Overall, these were pretty good and I love that they are so low in calories and fat. I think they are a nice option if you are looking for something different. I'm looking forward to trying more of this line.

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