Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chocolate Inspirations - Hot Chocolate Cups

After such a scorchingly hot summer, this cold weather feels great! Yes, I mean that. There is nothing better than being curled up in front of a fireplace on a cool night with my honey drinking hot chocolate.

My favorite hot chocolate is made by Chocolate Inspirations, a small chocolatier near Chicago, Illinois. They take real, deliciously smooth chocolate and shape it into the form of a cup so that all you have to do is melt it with your favorite nut or soy milk for a satisfying treat. And as you can imagine, melted chocolate tastes so much better than powdered cocoa!

The raspberry flavor is one of my favorites. It is just the right balance of raspberry flavor wrapped up in chocolate goodness.

The blood orange dark chocolate is also very good. I mixed them both with almond milk for a perfect late night drink.

You can also melt these down to make a chocolate sauce -- perfect for dipping your favorite fruit.

If you are lucky enough to live around Chicago, you can find Chocolate Inspirations' products in Whole Foods. Otherwise, you can order them here. Be sure to look for their vegan products as not all of their products are vegan. The vegan hot chocolate cups make great holiday gifts as well.

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