Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Linwoods - Superfoods

Superfoods--are they really super? What makes them super? How can I incorporate them into my regular diet without making too much of an effort?  In short, Linwoods makes it easy.

Superfoods are also known as functional foods or foods that deliver a structural or functional health benefit. So, yes, they are super. When used daily, they may help maintain a healthy heart, boost your energy, and support a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Linwoods takes a bunch of good-for-you foods, many of them deemed "superfoods," and grinds them up, creating a topping you could use to top oatmeal, fruit, cold cereals, and salads, or incorporate them into smoothies. Yeah, it is that simple.

In fact, except for the hemp, all the mixes are cold-ground, which is the name given to the process of milling whole seeds. This method ensures all the nutritional content is retained throughout the process and the omega oils contained within the seeds do not come in contact with any heat which may cause rancidity. The benefit of ground seeds is they aid quick and easy absorption of essential vitamins & minerals into the body versus whole seeds. Plus, what many people do not know is that flaxseeds are only well-absorbed when they are ground making it essential to grind flaxseeds in order to increase the bioavailability of nutrients.

Linwoods manufactures six different varieties that are available in the US. I decided to try 5 of them. In the end, my favorite was the flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, and Q10. Linwoods is one of the first companies to add co-enzyme Q10 to a food, making it easier and more convenient to incorporate it into your diet. Q10 occurs naturally in your body, but natural production declines with age so dietary sources are important to maintain healthy levels. It is an effective antioxidant that contributes to the production of energy in every cell in the body. This mix is an excellent source of selenium and magnesium. I used it to top my oatmeal along with cinnamon, walnuts, and goji berries.

The flaxseed, cocoa, strawberries, and blueberries was also great on my oatmeal. The cocoa is specially processed to provide a 10% flavanol content. Flavanols are highly effective antioxidants that help maintain a healthy heart and efficient circulation throughout the body. It took a little getting used to having cocoa in my oatmeal, but I liked the rich taste of the cocoa and berries.

On top of the mixes, I've also been adding a scoop of shelled organic hemp to my oatmeal as hemp contains an ideal ratio of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9 beneficial for sustainable good health and is a complete protein for a vegan diet.

The flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds, and goji berries mix delivers a pumpkin punch! This one has so much goodness in it! It is an excellent source of B12, which is great for vegans as B12 supplements are very important. This mix is also loaded with omega 3! You can see the goodness below.

Lastly, I also tried the flaxseed and goji berries, which is just an all-around good-tasting mix that delivers 6.3 grams of omega 3 per serving and 8 grams of dietary fat. Goji berries are very high in antioxidants, which can boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.

Linwoods products make it easy to incorporate superfoods into your regular diet, which will add essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. All of their products are gluten-free, vegan, organic, and have no added sugar.  If you haven't yet incorporated superfoods into your diet, it is a great time to start! Each of the bags sells for $8 to $22 each and are sold in stores across the country. To order online, visit Amazon here

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