Friday, August 31, 2012

KUR Organic Superfoods - Delights

KUR Organic Superfoods may be new to the American scene, but not to the Scandinavian scene where they have been pumping out KUR Delights since 2007. KUR Delights are bite-size treats that were developed in Denmark by a dedicated group of health nuts who wanted to create an everyday sweet snack that would be gluten-free, vegan, without any added sugars, and made of all-natural ingredients including organic dried fruits, spices, natural oils, and nuts. Sounds good, right?!

I got ahold of all three flavors -- coconut cream, brownie, and dark chocolate mint.  Because their main ingredient is dates, these treats are very soft and because they are all natural, they really taste like a healthy treat. Don't take that for not being good - they have a great taste as well!

My favorite was the Coconut Cream flavor! Imagine dates pressed with ground cashews and rolled in shredded coconut. Sinfully delicious!

The Chocolate Mint flavor was loaded with cacao and cacao nibs so you had the strong, delightful bite of cacao highlighted by the essential oil of peppermint.

The Brownie flavor caught me by surprise because it wasn't really like a brownie, rather it was more like a good raw date-chocolate treat. The only thing I didn't favor was the added essential oil of orange because I'm not a big fan of the chocolate orange flavor. That said, they were still tasty and I still ate them all. :)

I love that these treats are on the market now because they are a great alternative to high-fat cookies and other baked goods. Oh, and did I mention they are raw; non-GMO verified; Kosher, vegan and gluten-free certified; with no additives, chemicals, or sweeteners?!  To locate a store near you selling KUR Delights, check their store locator here. If you don't see any stores in your area, don't worry -- they are new to the U.S. and are working on rapidly expanding their distribution so they should be in your area soon.

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