Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Pure Foods - Raw Snacks

I was hanging out with some of my friends at a booth during a food show in California when a guy came up to the booth and told us about some amazing chocolate kale chips that he had found. Well, I knew I couldn't leave the show without trying them. That is when I discovered Just Pure Foods founded by Justin Feldman in Commerce, California.  Just Pure Foods makes vegan, raw, gluten-free snacks with mostly organic ingredients. But, what really makes this company stand out is that they've created new raw snacks that I've never seen before.

The Cocoa Kale Chips are an example of this. These chips are incredibly delicious. Talk about a healthy dessert! The kale chips are covered in cacao paste, seasoned with sweet agave and mesquite powder, and finished with vanilla bean. The texture is this perfectly crunchy kale chip that melts in your mouth. I'd call it delightfully different.

Next up are their Seasoned Zucchini Sticks, which are zucchini sticks covered in sprouted buckwheat, tamari, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, mesquite powder, salt, and spices.  These were crunchy as well and I served them with a veggie burger and ate them with on the side with some ketchup. What a great alternative to fries!

Now I've had dehydrated tomato chips before and they are usually pretty soft. I'm not sure how Just Pure Foods gets their snacks so crunchy, but it makes them very palatable. Their Spicy Jalapeno Tomato chips have some great spice to them. I dipped them in hummus for a great mid-day snack.

I tried their Cheesy Kale Chips as well, which are unlike any other kale chips I've ever had. The combination of sprouted sunflower seeds, carrots, onion, and chickpea miso gave them a completely different flavor than I'd ever had before. They weren't spicy, just cheesy.

Lastly, I tried their Crispy Onion Rings. Again, super crispy! I tried them right out of the bag at first and found the taste to be a bit strong, but once atop a veggie burger, they were perfect. In fact, the crispy onion rings complemented the soft veggie burger well. And they are made with ingredients such as zucchini, hemp seeds, sprouted buckwheat and sprouted flax seeds so you know they are good for you.

All of their snacks are made from fresh produce and whole foods without any flavor enhancers, additives, or preservatives.  If you are seeking some new raw snacks that have very different flavors -- different than anything you've ever had before, look no further. You can order them online at Just Pure Foods. Now, I'm going to try a bowl of cocoa kale chips in almond milk...goodness, that sounds good!


  1. I have no idea how they created the magic of the onion rings but even knowing they were raw my body couldn't believe they weren't deep fried. It felt like sin. Sweet, sweet sin. May I sin many more times. This guy is a genius.

  2. I agree! It feels sinful, but then you remember they are actually good for you!